When I became a mom

I felt like there was a lot I had to get used to – including accepting that my house was going to look like a plastic toy explosion, no matter how hard I tried.

When my son Mallik started crawling around the house, the idea of him getting hurt made me sick. I hit the Internet, looking for a playmat that would give Mallik a soft, foam-like surface to play on safely. What I found were poorly designed playmats and boring prints. Swatches that mirrored the hideousness of my Grandma’s carpet. Playmats I wouldn’t want anywhere near my floors and rugs.

So, cue Copenhagen Kid

A look I could love. A playmat I didn’t have to settle for. A way I could take back a bit of my life while still providing something worthwhile to my baby - and to yours!

Copenhagen Kid isn’t just for my baby - it IS my baby. It comes from my deep love for clean Scandinavian design (I’m originally from Denmark) and my obsession with patterns. These playmats were made to bring kids everywhere a safe, non-toxic place to play without sacrificing the aesthetically-pleasing home parents crave.

Ensuring a bright future

I am very proud of this little company. We are honored to become part of your home, your life, and your memories!

With Love,