About Us

Our Company Story

About Us

Our Company Story

When I became a mom, I felt like there was a lot I had to get used to – giving all my time and energy to another being, putting what I loved on pause, and accepting that my house was going to look like a plastic toy explosion, no matter how hard I tried.

When my son Mallik started crawling around the house – I didn’t want him to trip on his own mess once he began to make his way from living room to kitchen. The idea of him getting hurt made me sick and I wanted to do something about it. I hit the Internet, looking for a playmat that could be a soft, foam-y surface for Mallik to play on without getting hurt. What I found were poorly designed and boring prints. Swatches that mirrored the hideousness of my Grandma’s carpet. Playmats I wouldn’t want anywhere near my floors and rugs.

"best ideas are created out of need"

So, cue Copenhagen Kid. A look I could love. A playmat I didn’t have to settle for. A way I could take back a bit of my life while still providing something worthwhile to my kid.

Copenhagen Kid is both for my baby and my baby. It comes from my legitimate love created for clean Scandinavian design (I’m originally from Denmark) and my love of patterns. These playmats were made to bring kids everywhere a safe, non-toxic place to play without sacrificing the home beauty parents crave.

Over the next year, we’re rolling out more designs and products that can make your home a haven and your child’s play space safe. Give us a follow and stay tuned!

I am very proud of this little company, and we, Copenhagen Kid are honored to be considered to be part of your home!

With Love