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Copenhagen Kid


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Our Bestseller Reimagined

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Nordic Pale Grey Terrazzo

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Beautiful & FUNCTIONAL

Scandinavian Play Mats

Our play mats are designed with interior design in mind. Equal parts decorative and functional, our interlocking play mats provide your little one with a safe and stunning place to play.

What Parents Are Saying:


"Honestly, I'm taken aback by how much I love this mat! I wavered between this and some more affordable options, wondering if its use would be short-lived. However, the promise of non-toxicity convinced me. And now? I'm overjoyed with my choice. It's not just durable and chic, but also incredibly easy to maintain. I can already see it being a mainstay in our home for years."

"We love these play mats! After a lot of research, we decided on this brand for our new play area for our girls because the design is beautiful and fits our home décor and they fit our space perfectly due its flexibility in configurations. We've had it for over a year - and it is still holding up.

"We absolutely adore these play mats! After exhaustive research and comparison, we chose Copenhagen Kid for our girls' play area. The designs are not only stunning but also harmonize perfectly with our home decor. The mats' adaptability, offering various configurations, ensures they fit our space just right."

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