Baby Registry Checklist

Baby Registry Checklist- Everything You Must Have for a Newborn

Mar 02, 2021tiki Frederiksen

Parents-to-be have a thousand things to tackle before the baby arrives. However, one task that is often overlooked, but is essential, is the baby registry checklist.

What Is A Baby Registry Checklist and Why You Need One?

Newborns need a lot of stuff.  It can be overwhelming for parents-to-be, especially the first-timers, as they don't know where to begin and what item to get first. Moreover, the friends and family have another thing to worry about ­­–­­­­ what to get you as your baby shower gift! The answer to both dilemmas is simple: Make a checklist of the items you need, and that is precisely what a baby registry is.

A baby registry checklist lists all the items that you will need when your little bundle of joy arrives. This checklist not only serves as an organizational tool for parents to be, but it can also give the friends and family an idea about what they can get for you. Also, the list will ensure that you don't get duplicate gifts!  c

Now that you know how essential a baby registry is, the next big question is when to make the registry list!

When to Make Baby Registry Checklist?

Ideally, it is best to register while you are 12 weeks along. However, if you want to find the gender of the child, then you will have to wait for 20 weeks. Regardless it's important to start making your registry list and registering by the 12th week. This will allow your friends and family enough time to procure the goods. It is best to include items from various price ranges to ensure it contains something for every budget.


Baby Registry Checklist - What Include in The Baby Registry?

You may get a ton of suggestions for what is needed for the newborn. However, the question is whether the item suggested is something you must have before the baby arrives or is it something that would be nice to have. To make your decision easy, we have compiled an ultimate list of all the must-have items you will require before the baby arrival:

  • newborn clothing is also known as the Layette.
  • Baby Carrier and Stroller
  • Infant Car seat
  • Baby Monitor
  • Crib, Mattress, and Sheets
  • An easy to clean, portable changing pad
  • Burp clothing and bibs
  • Feeding bottles
  • Breast pumps
  • Formula (if you need an alternative to breastfeeding)
  • Zero size disposable wipes, cloths, or diapers
  • A diaper bag (Go for a practical one rather than a fancy one)
  • Baby Bathtub
  • Baby toiletries
  • Playtime Floormat
  • First aid kits for babies
  • Rectal thermometer
  • Nail clippers

Making sure you have everything you need before the baby arrives is essential. Now that you have your baby registry checklist ready, you can also register it through online stores like Amazon, Target, or Baby list. Once done, go ahead and add it to your shower invitation or share it with the guests through email or social media!

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